From the earliest of times, maps have charged
our imaginations and helped us make sense of
our world, both from a global perspective, and
in our immediate environment and community.

Mapping the Inner Journey offers you the
opportunity to set out on a journey of
self-discovery, as you create maps of your own
inner landscape. The tools for this journey
include drawing, painting, collage, journaling,
moving, remembering, imagining, and
dreaming. New vistas of awareness – along
with deep and profound insights – can be the

I will be your guide, bringing with me many
years of experience as an artist, therapist,
coach and teacher, as you create your own
maps in a completely safe and non-judgmental

I hope you will join me on this journey of
insight, self-discovery and – just as importantly
– fun!

Mapping the Inner Journey is equally rewarding for both the seasoned artist and those with
absolutely no previous artistic experience.